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Pricing for content owners

Sales fee
Payment fee (Flickrockt)
With this option, Flickrocket purchases licenses from you and sells them directly. This option is not available for physical goods, services and only for selected content.

Your own shop/payments (supported Gateways)
Flickrocket do not charge a fee if you use a third party payment service. Be aware, third payment services have their own price plan.

Transaction Fees (see details)
digital products from0.990.990.99
Physical productsFreeFreeFree
Free Products100+1600+unlimited
Free SSL Certificate
Apps for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Kindle, ChromeOS and Roku, Apple TV, Android TV and Fire TV
Shop run under own domain
Discount codes
Offer your customers a fixed value, percentage, on products or collections.
Abandoned cart recovery
Automatically send emails to customers who leave your store without completing the checkout process.
Gift cards
Expand your current customer base and attract new customers by offering gift cards.
add on*
Access a wide variety of reports to help track and analyze your store’s performance.
Third-party calculated shipping rates
Show calculated rates with your own account or third-party apps at checkout.
add on*
Marketing automation
Build custom automations so you can engage customers at every stage of their journey.
add on*
Language translation
Translate your store into multiple languages to provide a familiar shopping experience for customers in different markets.
Currency conversion
Automatically convert prices into your customer’s local currency to drive conversion in each market.
Product pricing by market
Take greater control of your international pricing strategy by setting specific prices for products or product variants in each market.
Subscription / Group functionalityadd on*add on*included
Subscription Sales
subscribers up to100400unlimited
subscription plans up to16unlimited
Minimum price19.999.994.99
Handling fee (Percent from sales)25%15%12%
Access Groups
Requires Access Group AppYesYesIncluded
Members (up to)50200Unlimited
Access group (up to)13Unlimited
sign-upManualplus selfplus domain control
Group member price (unlimited traffic)11.999.997.99

Price per transaction

See below the transaction pricing for products. On request we provide also content encoding and web-design services.
* 'Full length' or 'Large' content has a compressed size above 600 MB. 'Short film' or 'Standard' content has a compressed size of less. **A 'full length' HD film has a compressed size above 1.6GB. A 'short video' has a compressed size of less. There is no cost for data transfer or data storage. Rentals exceeding a 3 months period are billed as permanent licenses. ***For content sold to multiple users in one transaction item, e.g. to a class of 30 users, the first item is charged the regular price while for all additional users the multi-user price is charged.
Content typeLicenseSizeRegular PriceMulti User***Regular PriceMulti User***Regular PriceMulti User***
Video SD / DVDRentalShort video/clip*€1.69€0.56€1.29€0.43€0.89€0.30
Video SD / DVDRentalFull length/size*€1.99€0.66€1.49€0.50€1.09€0.36
Video SD / DVDPermanentShort video/clip*€2.49€0.83€1.99€0.66€1.39€0.46
Video SD / DVDPermanentFull length/size*€3.99€1.33€2.49€0.83€1.89€0.63
Video (HD) RentalShort video/clip**€2.18€0.73€1.78€0.59€1.38€0.46
Video (HD)RentalFull length/size**€2.98€0.99€2.48€0.83€2.08€0.69
Video (HD)PermanentShort video/clip**€3.48€1.16€2.98€0.99€2.38€0.79
Video (HD) PermanentFull length/size**€4.99€1.66€3.99€1.33€3.69€1.23
Audio Packages€1.69€0.56€1.29€0.43€0.89€0.30
Audio Album€1.69€0.56€1.29€0.43€0.89€0.30
Audio Track€0.99€0.33€0.79€0.26€0.69€0.23
Generic files/SoftwareStandard*€2.49€0.83€1.99€0.66€1.39€0.46
Generic files/SoftwareLarge*€3.99€1.33€2.49€0.83€1.89€0.63
Physical Products€0.00€0.00€0.00€0.00€0.00€0.00

Free products offering

You can set up and sell an unlimited number of products in the shop. For products that you set up which exceed the maximum number of free products per category but don’t have monthly sales, we charge you the fee for one permanent (to-own) sale.

See the following examples:

  • You set up 20 videos and sell every video at least once: The minimum sales do not apply. You pay only for your actual sales.
  • You set up 20 videos but 5 of them were not sold even once: The minimum sales for these 5 data-contents applies. You are charged for 5 sales extra.
  • You set up 5 videos but don’t sell any. 5 videos are free. The minimum sales do not apply.
Product TypeBasicSilverGold
HD Videos325unlimited
SD DVDs/Videos (full length)5150unlimited
SD Videos (short/clip)10300unlimited
Audio album10200unlimited
Content Packages20200unlimited
Software products5100unlimited
Physical products14180unlimited
Service products10100unlimited

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Frequently asked questions

No, never.

Yes, absolutely, but shops without sales activity for longer than 6 months may be disabled.

No. Only if go with a plan that has monthly charges (silver or gold), order additional services or sell for less than the transaction costs.

Yes, your account will then be closed to the next month.

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade at any time. Upgrades become active immediately. Downgrades become active with the following month.

No. You can always cancel to the end of the current month without any form of termination fee.

No. There are no additional fees for the service.

We offer special pricing for government organizations and large customers. .

Flickrocket supports all legal products/content. For certain products/content such as physical products, service products, adult/age restricted content and security/tuning software, you must use your own account under payment settings. If you are not sure regarding your products, .

No. We offer free shop owner support.

Yes, we undergo frequent audits and are fully certified to make sure that all payment data is secure.

Absolutely. You just have to set up a CNAME for FlickRocket.

No. You can as well use FlickRocket to host your shop on a standard or vanity domain.

No. You can have FlickRocket handle your entire website and shop.

Yes. There is no limitation on the number of shops

FlickRocket handles the bandwidth/traffic for your shop and all streams/downloads at no additional cost.

At the beginning of each month, FlickRocket sends a report about all sales, transactions and fees for the previous month. Payments (exceeding €100 to limit bank fees) and charges are processed based on this report in the same month.