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Subscriptions enable shop owners to give customers access to content while periodically charging for access. You can define an initial trial period, minimum runtime and notice period. If the subscription is cancelled or the payment fails repeatedly, access to content is blocked.

You can define the pricing for the trial period and regular runtime independently. In addition, it is possible to generate discount/credit codes which can be applied either monthly against each charge or be credited one time on a customer account.

Shop Integration

Subscriptions are sold in the shop – in addition to other products or exclusively. In case the products in the subscription are also offered stand-alone, the shop shows which product is included in the subscription and which isn’t. If the subscription is sold exclusively, all products in the subscription can optionally be displayed for browsing through them.

Automated Payment Processing

Flickrocket performs all payment processing fully automated using the shop’s selected payment system*1. In case of problems, the customer is informed and given time to remedy the situation. In case of repeated failures, the shop owner and the customer are informed about the problems and the access to content is blocked. The subscription can then be continued, paused or cancelled.

License Control

All content in a subscription is offered under a user defined DRM license which controls rights, such as the ability to use the content on multiple devices, burn to DVD-R, export, etc. The content can only be used within the permissions granted by the license.

Detailed Reporting

Flickrocket provides detailed reporting about subscribers, subscriptions (new and ongoing) and usage data (product related, device related and location data).


Flickrocket offers a lot of very flexible configuration options for each subscription, allowing for virtually any business model.