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Monthly Revenue/Cost Calculator

Select how you want to pay your monthly fixed fees
Default method. You can cancel at any time.
You can cancel to the end of each annual period.
Select what payment gateway to use
Flickrocket do not charge a fee if you use a third party payment service. Be aware third payment services have their own price plan.
With this option Flickrocket purchases licenses from you and sells them directly. This option is not available for physical goods, services and only for selected content.
Transaction fees

The transaction fees depend on the content type and size and how long the customer has access to it (permanent or rental). See details

Enter the number of products you offer per product type

You can set up and sell an unlimited number of products in the shop. For products that you set up which exceed the maximum number of free products per category but don’t have monthly sales, we charge you the fee for one permanent (to-own) sale.See details

Enter the number of sales you expect per product type

Product TypeShort video/clipSales QuantityLicenseAverage Price      RevenueCost BASICCost SILVERCost GOLD
    per monthper monthper monthper month
Enter how many subscriptions for which price you expect to sell
Subscription revenue:

Subscription cost (BASIC)

Subscription cost (SILVER)

Subscription cost (GOLD)

Enter how many access group users you expect
Access group cost (BASIC)

Access group cost (SILVER)

Access group cost (GOLD)

Calculated Totals (if any)
Total revenue

Total cost (BASIC)

Total cost (SILVER)

Total cost (GOLD)