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Event Content

Flickrocket supports a special Event Content mode for companies that regularly produce larger amounts of event content which is primarily sold in the weeks and months following the event but is accessed less and less as time moves on.

Examples of typical event contents are:

  • Individual videos showing guided tours of adventures, tours, parks and attractions
  • Individual videos of important celebrations and ceremonies (weddings, graduations, prizes, medals, awards, etc.)
  • Individual videos of cultural events (festivals, band performances, shows, etc.)
  • Individual videos of company events
  • Individual videos of sports events

All these (and many more) events have in common that sales right after the event is highest and then gradually fades over the next weeks and months until it virtually comes to a halt. The Flickrocket Event content mode is designed exactly for this scenario:

  • Make the content available very fast right after the event. Have everything automated once the video is available.
  • Protect the content owner's rights by a combination of DRM and watermarking, while being transparent for the customer.
  • Ensure the customer gets full access to the video, so he can use it for a lifetime (but is prevented/discouraged from sharing)
  • Provide the infrastructure to handle peak sales and content delivery right after events have taken place.
  • Expire old unused content to shield the content owner from ever-increasing storage costs which are not offset by old product sales

To use the Event Content mode, all you need to do, is to purchase the Event Content App, which is available in the Flickrocket App Store.

PLEASE NOTE: Event Content mode cannot be used with regular shop mode. If you are already selling DRM-protected content in your FlickRocket shop, you will need to set up a separate FlickRocket shop for Event Content.

Event Content Pricing

Pricing for Event Content mode is similar to the regular pricing except for the following product limitations and expirations:

FeatureRegular price modelEvent Content price model
Maximum allowed content itemsBASIC: 80+ free products*BASIC: Unlimited
SILVER: 1600+ free products*SILVER: Unlimited
GOLD: unlimited free productsGOLD: Unlimited
Product validity periodBASIC: unlimitedBASIC: 1 month
SILVER: unlimitedSILVER: 4 months
GOLD: unlimitedGOLD: 12 months

* The listed product limit is for all product types combined. Individual product type limits are lower. Additional product listings are possible but there is a minimum sales fee associated. See the pricing for details.

Enabling Event Content Mode

To enable the Event Content mode for your shop, you will need to purchase the Event Content App from the Flickrocket App Store. All changes are applied automatically.

Get Event Content App