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Learn why powering your shop with Flickrocket is the perfect choice

Easy to use and customize

You don't need to be an expert to run your shop and customize it for your specific needs.

Documents, Video, Audio and more

Flickrocket supports virtually every content, so that you can have a complete offering.

Manage rights and permissions

Secure revenues by managing and enforcing rights and permission to prevent sharing.

Sales, Rentals, Subscriptions

Grow revenues by offering tailored licenses and access options that meet customers demands.

Any platform, any device

Enable your customers to access your content on virtually any platform and device.

Tools for marketing and growth

Get the analytics to understand your needs and the tools to step up your marketing.

Securely sell content in your own shop.

Protected with DRM to prevent illegal sharing.

FlickRocket comes with software for encoding, content upload, DRM protection and Content Delivery Network management to get your digital shop live fast and easy. We offer effective SEO features, sophisticated marketing tools, affiliate management, multiple payment methods/payment gateways, and we handle the complete customer support.

Select from many shop designs or customize yourself

Select from various designs or create your own. All themes can be designed without HTML skills. Low level access for developers. See samples here and more in the theme store.

Great marketing tools to increase sales

Grow sales with effective marketing tools for various automated and manual campaigns.

Social media marketing

Have your products recommended on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and more.

Email marketing

Use email campaigns to automatically and individually follow up with customers to increase sales.

Promotions and discounts

Drive more sales and incentivize customers with special promotions and discount offers.

Content cross licensing

Allow sales of your content in other digital stores that target an interesting audience.

Best-of-class SEO for visibility

Make sure that your shop gets found to drive more organic traffic to your shop.

Great search engine rankings

Every shop is designed to rank highly using responsive themes, avoid duplicate content, using optimized URLs, descriptive titles, meaningful meta descriptions, automatic sitemaps incl. video links, rich snippets including product data and much more.

Boost your rank

Utilize FlickRocket's social media features, reviews and the integrated blog to regularly add content and increase your ranking. You can even run your complete home page under your FlickRocket shop.

Data driven optimizations

Use various analytics integrations/data to track how your shop is doing and optimize areas that don't convert. And the shop engine lets you customize virtually anything you might need.

Developer integration options

You have your own custom website/solution and are looking for a way to add secure DRM controlled digital content distribution to all major platforms? More

Run your online business with ease

Use real-time sales data and shop statistics to manage your shop. More

Learn what our customers have to say

"By using FlickRocket we built up an international distribution. I never believed so many people worldwide are interested in my stuff. Amazing."
Education DVDs

"Wow. Simple to set up and extremely powerful. Now I sell more online than I ever sold on disc before..."
Special interest filmmaker

"Selling directly is a great experience. Higher margin, quick revenues and satisfied customers. I'll never go back!"
Bible Resources

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