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We have assembled some resources to help get your started.

As FlickRocket partner, you cannot set up your own shop or sell your own products or use FlickRocket’s functionality for yourself, however you can set up and manage other companies within the FlickRocket ecosystem. These companies can have shops which sell physical products, digital downloads, and services which you can setup and operate on their behalf.

FlickRocket partners benefit from revenue sharing and are free to set their own pricing to clients for managing their shops. It is even possible to operate shops for clients and handle everything 100% through the partner – effectively reselling the whole service.

The functionality described below becomes available under your account once you have applied and been accepted to the FlickRocket partner program.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Setting up or associate clients

To set up a new client’s company, login to the FlickRocket admin interface and click the “New Company” under “Quick Links” icon or select “FlickRocket Publishers/Users” in the menu under “Company/Related Companies” and click on “Add New Company”.

Now fill in all the data about the new company. When you come to the “Advanced” box, make sure to make the right choices as explained below.

  • Sample Company: Checking the “Yes” means that the shop will not be able to do end user sales and it will not be billed by Flickrocket. However, you can set it up completely. This typically makes sense when you want to make sure that everything is ready before a release or when you want to present it to your client without incurring any cost.
  • ESD Payment Route: When set to “Direct”, FlickRocket will directly send the monthly reports, invoices, credits, etc. to the client. When set to “Via Partner” all of this will appear in your partner accounting and you will receive the reports and be responsible for the credits and invoices. This setting is also used to determine the revenue share model. See details below…
  • VAT-ID Number: Optional VAT number which defines the VAT tax handling for European companies.
  • Token: The token can be used for external identification for several functions, but is typically not used in the partner scenario.

Once you are done, you can either just “Save” or “Save and Add User” or “Save and go to shop Settings”.

Adding a user is required if you want to grant your client direct access to the admin interface.

Just fill in all data for the user, select the permissions, and save. If you want, at this point you can also have FlickRocket send the new user an email with his login data and permissions.

If you want to manage an already existing company, you need to have the company administrator send a request to add you as his partner to FlickRocket.

Use FlickRocket on behalf of clients

When you use your partner login to access the admin interface, you will see a company selection in the upper right corner.

With this selection you can “Switch” between your company (your partner account) and the invidiual companies you manage. For example, if you want to set up a new product for a certain company, you first need to switch to that company before you can add the product.

In general, the admin interface will display almost exactly the same to you (if you have selected client’s company) as the clients will see itself, when they log in. This is true for all the functionality and also for all the sales, statistics, etc.

If you switch the admin interface to your own company, you will not be able to use store related functions such as creating new products, but you’ll have access to all your clients’ data such as product listing, sales data, and statistics in a combined view.

To switch back to your own company, you can always simply click on “Self”.

The difference between direct and managed clients

Client shops which are managed by partners must opt between the “Direct” model and the “Via Partner” model for any reports, credits, and invoices.

In the “Direct” model, Flickrocket sends any reports, credits, and invoices directly to the shop’s owner. Also charges and credits are processed using the payment data stored for the shop owner.

In the managed (“Via Partner”) model, the shop owner does not receive any direct reports, invoices, or credit notes from Flickrocket. Instead, Flickrocket will include all this data into combined reports, invoices and credit notes to the partner. It is then the responsibility of the partner to communicate with the shop owner and manage the invoices/credits for the shop owner. This model gives the partner 100% control over their service pricing and business model.

Flickrocket recognizes the additional efforts of the managed model together with the advantage of having to work with less educated partners and thus encourages the “managed” model by awarding a higher revenue share.

Partners can switch the models at any time in the company settings. Flickrocket will use the model effective during the monthly reporting as the model for the complete month.

Understanding reports and payments

At the close of each month, FlickRocket sends out reports with credits and invoices to every partner and shop owner (the latter only if not in managed mode). Partners which operate shops for clients in “managed” mode will receive the data for their clients' shops in separate documents as part of their own monthly reporting. This makes it easy to break out the totals per shop and integrate it into a custom pricing and billing environment.

Integrating the FlickRocket backend with your domain and brand

As Flickrocket partner, you can integrate the FlickRocket backend with your own domain and brand it with your own logo. All you need to do is to point the sub domain you want to you (e.g. admin.mysite.com) via C-NAME DNS record to admin.flickrocket.com and then enter the domain in the Flickrocket admin interface under Company/Settings/Company data.

You can also upload your logo which will then replace the Flickrocket logo on the upper left side.

Providing logistics/shipping/warehouse services

Partners can opt in to provide logistics/shipping/warehousing services for FlickRocket shop owners. These services can be offered generally or only to select, associated clients.

The cost charged for these services and the payment flow is independent of FlickRocket. FlickRocket only provides the technical platform with the following capabilities:

  • Select a logistics/shipping/warehousing partner based on weight and destination
  • Forward physical orders for fulfillment to a partner
  • Inventory management and tracking
  • Shipment tracking

To offer these services in the platform, the logistics/shipping/warehousing service needs to be approved by Flickrocket.

Developing and selling apps and themes

Apps and Themes can be developed by regular Flickrocket shop owners. A partner account is not required for this. If you have a partner account, you need to set up a separate shop account under your partner account in order to develop and sell apps and themes.

In general, all apps and themes offered in the FlickRocket app or theme stores need to be reviewed and approved by FlickRocket. Apps and themes used internally by the shop can used without validation.

Developers are free to define the price for their apps and themes. FlickRocket pays out 70% of the sales from all apps and themes sold in the Flickrocket App Store and Theme Store. Payments are performed monthly.

Partner requirements

FlickRocket loves to work with partners and does everything to make FlickRocket based shops a success for the shop owners, partners and FlickRocket. We’ve put a lot of work into enabling FlickRocket for effective partner/client management, but we also require our partners to do their fair share – as follows:

  • FlickRocket partner must not be in any way affiliated with the clients they set up as FlickRocket Publishers.
  • FlickRocket partners need to place the FlickRocket logo (templates below) with a link to www.flickrocket.com on a page reachable within one click from the home page. 
  • FlickRocket partners that manage shops for clients agree to make sure that their client's products do not violate 3rd party rights nor are legally restricted from being sold.
  • In case of any customer complaints, shop owner complaints or 3rd party complaints, partners agree to work diligently and without delay with FlickRocket to resolve the problem.

We look forward to working with you. 

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