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We at FlickRocket love to work with partners and do everything to make sure that our common business is a success.

We offer the partner accounts listed below. You can assume also multiple roles as indicated. See the details below to understand which partner type is best for you.

Web Agencies / Service Providers

You define the online presence of your clients’ shops, how they are best structured, and what systems and solutions are used. You work directly with clients on the design, implementation, and management, and you’ll and earn up to 20% lifetime commissions plus you can bill for your own value-added services…

  • Shop set up and configuration
  • Theme customization
  • Content preparation, encoding, and ingestion services
  • Metadata creation, writing, and tagging
  • Testing and quality assurance
  • Management and reporting
  • General client support
  • Marketing services
  • Plus other ancillary services

To set up a partner account you just need to meet a few requirements. There is no cost involved for setting up a partner account. Web Agencies / Service Providers can also perform Logistics / Warehousing Services and App/Theme development, but you cannot operate a shop under your own name. To operate your own shop, sign up as a store owner instead.

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Logistics Services / Warehousing

You fulfill physical orders on behalf of clients. This might include production in addition to warehousing services and shipping services.

  • Receive shipping orders
  • Pick, pack and ship on behalf of clients
  • Manage inventory
  • Integrate with FlickRocket for tracking

To set up a partner account you just need to meet a few requirements. There is no cost involved for setting up a partner account. You set your own pricing for your services and blll the shop owner directly. FlickRocket provides the platform and services to you at no cost.

Logistics Services/Warehousing accounts are free. 

Sign up as shipping partner

Any questions? For more information contact us here...

App Developers / Theme Designers

You develop themes and/or apps which you want to use yourself or sell in the Flickrocket Theme Store or FlickRocket App Store.

  • Develop themes based on the Liquid engine
  • Develop apps based on the FlickRocket API
  • Use the FlickRocket App/Theme stores for sales
  • Receive one time/sale or recurring fees

You set your own pricing for your themes and apps. You receive 70% from each of your sales in the FlickRocket App Store or Theme Store.

App Developer/Theme Designer accounts are are basically normal shop owner accounts with the difference, that you don't aim on selling actual products.

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