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Manage Categories

Products can be categorized into different categories/genres such as ‘Action Films’ or ‘Comedy Films’. The categories are displayed in the web shop and the customer can select the category he is interested in. Each product can be part of multiple categories.

You can create and manage categories with the “Marketing / Manage Categories“ function.

Manage categories

For each category you define you can enter also localized information. This information includes also SEO (search engine optimization) information which is important for the ranking of your shop in search engines.

categories add products

If you want to add a certain movie to a category you can do this directly by selecting the category and click the ‘Add Project(s)’ button.

Alternatively you can edit the settings of the movie under ‘Projects’ and add the desired category under ‘Categories’.

Note: Categories are important information to guide the customer through the offering in the shop and increase sales.