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Reporting and payment to affiliates

The Reporting for Affiliates is done as part of the regular FlickRocket Reporting in the following month.

Every Affiliate which generated revenue during the previous month receives an email with credit notes and detailed CSV about all sales and related commissions originating from the ads on his web site(s).

Payouts to Affiliates using FlickRocket

If your shop uses the FlickRocket payment processing, FlickRocket performs the payouts to Affiliates directly. You receive an overview as well as detail reports about the Affiliates revenues and commissions and the commission amount is listed on your royalty statement.

Direct payouts to Affiliates (without FlickRocket)

If you use your own payment processing, FlickRocket reports all payouts to the Affiliates on your behalf and sends you an overview as well as details report about the Affiliates revenues and commissions.

Important: You are responsible for paying your Affiliates and keeping track of minimum payout thresholds.