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This structure is part of a LinkList object and is used for specifying a single link (e.g. a menu providing many menu entries and each entry is a Link). The following fields are supported:

Variable name Object Description Note
active bool Returns true if the link target is the active selection (e.g. a specific collection, etc.)  
associated_number int An internal number to identify specific parts of a LinkList and its Links.  
handle string Contains a handle to the link  
object * Returns the link object of whatever type is given in the type field. So for collections it will return that Collection object, and for pages it will return the according Page object.  
path List<Link> If there are several LinkList’s connected recursively (sub-menus), then the path is defined as a list of links which are passed from the top level to reach this specific link. Top level links have only themselves  in the list.  
title string The title of the link (usually the menu item name).  
type string

This field contains information of which type the object variable is. Possible values are:

blog_link            The object field contains a Blog object.

collection_link  The object field contains a Collection object.

http_link            The object field is not defined, it is just a link.

linklists_link       The object field contains a LinkList object (used for cascading menus).

page_link           The object field contains a Page object.

url string

The actual URL of the link.