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Contains information regarding one item in the cart (of any quantity). This object will usually displayed as one line in the cart template. It contains the following fields:

Variable name Object Description Note
id int An internal numerical id for the given item, this is not the product or variant id.  
grams int The weight of the product(s) in grams.  
handle string A handle for the given item (including variant).  
image string Returns an URL with the main product image.  
line_price int The price of the given quantity for this item times 100 (e.g. for use in combination with the money filter). The price is in the users currency (the money filter will automatically add the correct currency character).  
line_pricing UserPrice For a more detailed view on the total price of the quantity of the current item, you also have access to the UserPrice object, which contains more details for the individual price parts (VAT, currency, etc). EF
price int Similar to line_price, but it is the price of an individual item (in comparison to the given quantity). If there is any rebate active for this item, there is no single price available, thus this value will contain 0.  
product Product This returns the product which this item resembles.  
product_id int The product id of the given product.  
quantity int The number of units which are in the cart for this item.  
rebate List<Rebate> This is a list of rebates which are active for this item. Please have a look at the Rebate object for further information and the Cart object for an example of how to implement rebates. EF
requires_shipping bool Returns either true if the item needs shipping and false if it doesn’t.  
sku string Contains an article number, but isn’t currently used.  
title string This is the title of the product.  
url string Returns an URL to the page of the product.  
variant Variant Returns the Variant object, which contains information about the specifics of the product (e.g. specific license, color, etc.). For more information please have a look at the Variant object.  
variant_id int Returns the numerical id of the variant.  
vendor string Contains the name of the vendor of this item. As all products in a cart are sold by the same vendor, this entry will be always the same for all products in the cart.  

Note: Some parts (marked with EF) of this object are exclusive to FlickRocket. If you are using a theme orginating from Shopify and want to use this functionality, you need to add this.