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This object contains information about a coupon, which is used in the cart. The following fields are supported:

Variable name Object Description Note
Code string The coupon code EF
currency_id int Returns an internal identifier of the customers used currency EF
id int Contains an internal identifier of the coupon EF 
is_percentage bool Specifies whether the coupon is a percentage or a fixed amount. EF 
percentage float If the coupon is a percentage, this tells the percentage of the reduction. EF 
pricing List<UserPrice> This list of prices separate between different VAT percentages, so that you have one UserPrice object per VAT percentage (this is possible e.g. on having products with varying VAT percentages and the coupon is percentage based). EF 
total_price int This is the coupons total reduction price (including VAT). EF 
total_price_net int This is the coupons net total reduction price. EF 
total_price_pricing UserPrice Returns an object, which contains detailed information about net amounts, taxes, gross amounts, currency, etc. EF 

Note: This object is exclusive to FlickRocket. If you are using a theme orginating from Shopify and want to use this functionality, you need to add this.