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This structure contains a review or article comment. It is specified in the Blog and Product objects and access through them. A product can have top level reviews and secondary comments to each review. Only top level reviews have a rating and a title. Blog articles also have two possible levels, but they will never contain a rating or a title, these fields are invalid when used within blogs. The following fields are available:

Variable name Object Description Note
author string The author of these texts as pseudonym. Only registered users will be able to choose a pseudonym, anonymous users will have a "Anonymous" in this field.  
content string The actual text of the review or comment.  
created_at DateTime The date when this review/comment was created or edited. EF
id int This is an unique internal numerical identifier for the given review/comment.  
is_anonymous bool If this review/comment was posted anonymously, this flag will be true. EF
is_author bool A flag that tells whether this review/comment belongs to the currently logged in user. This flag will always be false for an anonymous comment. EF
is_verified_purchase bool If the author of the review/comment has purchased this product, this flag will be true. EF
next Comment The next review/comment of this product/blog article in chronological order. EF
previous Comment The previous review/comment of this product/blog article in chronological order. EF
rating int For first-level reviews this field will contain a rating value between 1 and 5. EF
status string Depending on the status of the review/comment, this field will contain the following possible values:
  • published (published and visible)
  • removed (removed after publishing for whatever reason)
  • rejected (not approved in a moderated blog/review setting)
  • spam (marked to be spam)
  • unapproved (waiting for approval)
Basically only reviews/comments will be shown that are of status "published". There is an exception for the reviews/comments of the currently logged in user, which will be presented his reviews/comments in order to be able to e.g. edit them in order to make it approvable after being rejected.
sub_comments List<Comment> Returns a list of all sub comments of the current review/comment in chronological order. EF
sub_comment_allowed bool This flag tells whether sub comments (in a secondary level) are permitted. EF
title string Only valid for top level reviews: the title of the review. EF
url string Contains the URL to the page of the review/comment. This URL does not link to a valid target, so do not use this URL for now.  

Note: Some properties are exclusive to FlickRocket. If you are using a theme orginating from Shopify and want to use the extended functionality, you need to adapt your theme.