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Used within blogs to define single articles of the blog. It has the following features:

Variable name Object Description Note
article_moderated bool Tells whether the comments of this article are moderated, so that it need to be approved by a moderator first.  
author string Contains the name of the author (first name + last name)  
comments List<Comment> A list of comments for the given blog article.  
comments_count int Number of comments for this blog article (see comments).  
comments_enabled bool Setting whether comments are enabled for this blog article.  
comments_need_to_login bool Tells whether a user needs to login before he will be able to write a comments of this blog article (anonymous posts are forbidden).  
comment_post_url string Deprecated: Returns the (relative) URL to which the POST of the form should send the data to. Use instead the article form for this.  
content string Actual text of the article, could be HTML. The article is created in the admin interface of the shop system.  
created_at DateTime Date and time at which the article was originally created, use the date filter to format the date and time for output.  
excerpt string The blogger could specify an excerpt of the article (as a kind of summary), but this is strictly optionally – the excerpt could be of size 0 or could not exist.  
excerpt_or_content string Returns either the excerpt (if it contains anything meaningful) or the full content (could be used e.g. on the blog page to show an overview over all blog articles).  
id int Contains an (internal) ID of the article  
next Article The next article (older).  
previous Article The previous article (newer).  
published_at DateTime The time on which the article was actually posted. For formatting date and time please have a look at the date filter.  
tags List<string Contains all tags for the given article. Tags can be used to filter the blog articles regarding specific topics (but only one at a time).  
title string Specifies the title text of this article  
url  string Returns the URL (always relative) to this article.  
user BlogUser Contains some information about the user which wrote this article