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Shopify Guide

This quick guide explains the function of the FlickRocket Digital Sales (DRM) App for Shopify.


The App has the following requirements

  • Active Shopify account (TRIAL is supported)
  • Active Flickrocket account (BASIC is supported)


The FlickRocket App for shopify is installed directly from the Shopify AppStore. After clicking on "Get" to install the App, you can open it under "Apps" from your Shopify store admin interface to connect it to your Flickrocket account.

shopify app store

If you have already an existing Flickrocket account you can click on "Connect (use my existing account)". Alternatively you can create an account by filling in your email, select a password and click on "Connect (create new account).

shopify connect flickrocket

After this you are done and ready to upload content, create digital products and tweak your settings.

Working with the App

The following describes the Apps settings and guides you through setting up your digital products for sale in Shopify.


To get to the App's Dashboard you need to click on Apps in your Shopify Admin and the "Digital Content Sales with DRM - Flickrocket" app. 

shopify dashboard

From the Dashboard you can go to upload products (described below) and reach the settings.


The settings page allows you to select a theme (if you have multiple) and define if you want the App to send out an email with digital content access instructions after a purchase which includes digital items.

shopify settings

By default, the App sends out an email with personalized instructions and the email content can be edited on the settings page. You can use Liquid variables as you are used to be doing for other Shopify templates.

New Product Setup

To set up new digital content products in Shopify you first need to upload the content to Flickrocket (see below).

Once completed, you can create a new product in Shopify as you do it for physical products. the only difference is, that you need to enter the Flickrocket Product ID and FlickRocket License ID, separated by a colon into the SKU field of your product.

shopify product

If you want to  offer a product under multiple licenses, you can do this by using product variants as follows.

shopify product variants

The FlickRocket Product ID is generated after you upload a product to FlickRocket and you can select the LicenseID of the license you want to use under Shop/Licenses/Content licenses.

product id


For HD Video you have in addition the marker "SD" for standard definition video and "HD" for high definiton video. Typical entries for a DRM protected content could look like:

  • An SKU entry for a PDF could look like "0003-DE12-45FE-387A:19"
  • An SKU entry for an HD video could look like "0002-DE12-45FE-387A:19:HD"
  • An SKU entry for an HD video sold in SD quality could look like "0002-DE12-45FE-387A:19:SD"

If no HD/SD marker is added for high definition video, the system defaults to delivering high definition.

Content Upload

To upload content you can select from a pure web based HTML5 uploader in the project section or desktop software for Windows and MacOSX. 

For the advantages and disadvantages of the different options see the following table.

Web Uploader

Desktop Tools

Supports all content types



DVD Encoding

The DVD data is uploaded to the servers which encode the content.

This requires high upload bandwidth but little local processing power.

The DVD is encoded locally and only the encoded data is uploaded.

This requires a modern high performance PC but less upload bandwidth.

DVD Testing

Requires download because encoded data is only available on the server.

Can be done right after encoding, prior to upload.

Project Detail Level

Enough for typical Shopify projects.

More detailed. However, most of the functionality is typically not required with Shopify.

Web Uploader

In general we recommend using the FlickRocket Content Tools over the web uploader for frequent use. With the Content Tools it is also possible to automate the proess for batch uploading of many items.

Web Uploader

The Web Uploader is purely web based and does not require any local software installation. It opens in a pop up window so your Shopify admin interface is not blocked.

web uploader

The wizard guides you through the uploading process. Because you are using Shopify as sales-platform, you can skip the licenses and prices step.

FlickRocket Content Tools Uploader

The FlickRocket Content Tools are available for Windows and MacOSX and need to be installed before they can be used. The installation includes the following three components:

FluxDVD Encoder

This tools is used for encoding DVDs into the FluxDVD format which is used for testing and upload. The benefit of the FluxDVD format is that all special features of the DVD, such as menus and multiple audio tracks, are retained while the size is significantly reduced by using high quality/high efficiency video encoding. 


The uploader is used for project creation and content upload to the FlickRocket system. The Uploader is not aware that the content is used primarily for a Shopify store.

Content Tools Desktop Windows

Important: The Uploader includes some steps that are not required for Shopify (e.g. pricing information, group distribution, subscription, etc.). In this case you should just select one of the default options as your Shopify store works independent of these settings.

Accessing content after purchase

The following describes the process of accessing purchased content from the view of a customer. 

Content Access

Customers access the content through FluxPlayer available for Windows, MacOSX, iOS, Android, Kindle Fire and SmartTV. FluxPlayer handles the download/streaming, social functions (ratings and sharing) and much more. To do this they need to log in to FluxPlayer with the email and password they have used for the purchase/rental.

content ipad

content iphone 

After the purchase

Once the purchase completes, the customer is sent an email with a link to the content access page of your store and a password to use for accessing the content he has rented or purchased. 

The design of the page depends on your theme but in any case it'll provide access to players for all different platforms.

shopify store content access 

Note: The design of the HTML used to present the FluxPlayer downloads and the design of the players can be customized.

On this page the customer is instructed to download the player and access the content with the account which was created at purchase time.