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OpenCart Guide

This quick guide explains the basic function of the FlickRocket Digital Distribution (DRM) extension for OpenCart.


The extension has the following requirements:

  • Fully installed and working OpenCart Install 1.5.6 and newer
  • Installed php-soap module


The FlickRocket extension for OpenCart is installed as follows.

  1. Make sure you have OpenCart (at least version 1.5.4) correctly installed
  1. You need to install module for OpenCart "VQmod" (at least version 2.1.7) installation to root folder of site.

                Download VQmod files from the following links:


                A guide for installing VQmod is located here:


  1. Copy the flickrocket module files as per the order of files present in the Flickrocket ZIP provided into the respective directory on the root server.
  • admin/controller/module/flickrocket.php
  • admin/language/english/flickrocket.php
  • admin/view/template/module/flickrocket.tpl
  1. Install the flickrocket module by using Extensions -> Modules -> FlickRocket.

Now see the chapter Backend for the settings you have to make before you can use the extension.


The following chapters describe all settings in the OpenCart admin interface.

General Settings

The general settings are configured under Extensions -> Modules and select FlickRocket [Edit].

General Settings

If you are installing the plug-in for the first time, you need to enter your account data. If you just want to try, you can use the following data for using the Sandbox Server:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Password: sandbox1971

Theme ID: 829

Mark the “Use Sandbox” checkbox

If you want to use it in your live environment, you need to register with www.flickrocket.com. The free BASIC account works fine but does not offer everything the premium accounts do.

Important: In Sandbox mode the server components are shared between multiple users and are reset periodically. Uploads are not permitted.

If you want to dive deeper and work with the FlickRocket live system, you need to sign up with www.flickrocket.com (at least the free BASIC account is required), set the Environment to Live and enter your signup credentials.

The Theme setting allows you to select which theme you want to use. A theme defines the graphical design of the content access pages which guide the user after purchasing or renting content from your shop.

Ideally, the design of the theme matches the design of your OpenCart shop. A number of themes are available and you can get a list in the FlickRocket web interface.

Of course you can also design your own themes but in many cases it is just as fine to go with the default theme “829”.

Defining the Licenses

Before you can set up products, you first need to define the licenses under which you want to sell your content. Licenses define the rights the end user gets to the content. Typically this is a permanent (download-to-own) license which is bound to a specific device or devices but has not time limitation, or a rental license which allows access to the content for a period of time.

Licenses are defined in the FlickRocket web interface under Shop -> Licenses ad each license is identified an ID.

Define Licenses FlickRocket

To use a license in your OpenCart store, you need to defined them under Catalog -> Options.

Define Licenses OpenCart

If it doesn’t exist, insert a new Option called “License” and add the IDs of all the licenses you plan to use. Make sure to set the Type to Radio which means customers can select between the licenses by using Radio boxes.

License Options OpenCart

Once you are done adding your licenses, click Save to make the licenses available for product creation.

Create Digital Products

To create a digital product for sale or rental, you use the normal Catalog -> Products menu.


To create a new product click the Insert button and set up the data for the new product like you would do for any other product.

In addition to the normal settings you need to define the content and licenses you want to offer (and their respective prices).

The content (project) is defined in the Digital Content Delivery tab. Each piece of content has a unique ID which is created during the upload is displayed in the Project Management section of the FlickRocket web interface.

Digital Options

The licenses are defined in the Options tab by adding a License Option. The Option Value is the LicenseID, which defines the customer rights (e.g. rental time or permanent license). The LicenseIDs are displayed in the FlickRocket web interface in the Shop -> Licenses -> Manage licenses section.

Product Options

The additional price for each license is set via the Price column, e.g. typically permanent licenses are more expensive than rental licenses.

Content Upload

To upload content, you need to select the Project wizard button from the Digital Content tab.

Web Uploader

You can select from a pure web based HTML5 uploader or desktop software for Windows and MacOSX.


Web Uploader

Desktop Tools

Supports all content types



DVD Encoding

The DVD data is uploaded to the servers which encode the content.

This requires high upload bandwidth but little local processing power.

The DVD is encoded locally and only the encoded data is uploaded.

This requires a modern high performance PC but less upload bandwidth.

DVD Testing

Requires download because encoded data is only available on the server.

Can be done right after encoding, prior to upload.

Project Detail Level

Enough for typical OpenCart projects.

More detailed. However, most of the functionality is typically not required with OpenCart.

Important note

Uploads take significant time and so it must be  ensured that the computer does not go into sleep mode while uploading


Web Uploader

The Web Uploader is purely web based and does not require any local software installation. It opens in a pop up window so your OpenCart admin interface is not blocked.

The upload wizard guides you though all required upload steps. For more details about every step you can check the FlickRocket manual.

Desktop Tools

The FlickRocket Content Tools are available for Windows and MacOSX and need to be installed before they can be used. The installation includes the following three components:

FluxDVD Encoder

This tools is used for encoding DVDs into the FluxDVD format which is used for testing and upload. The benefit of the FluxDVD format is that all special features of the DVD are retained while the size is significantly reduced by using high quality/high efficiency video encoding. 

Content Packager

This tool can be used to package multiple MP3s to audio books or collections from HTML, PDF, Flash, images, video, etc. For details see the FlickRocket manual.


The uploader is used for project creation and content upload to the FlickRocket system. The Uploader is not aware that the content is used primarily for an OpenCart Shop.

Important: The Uploader will show many steps that are not required for OpenCart (e.g. pricing information, group distribution, etc.). In this case you should just select one of the default options as your OpenCart shop works independent of these settings.


The following chapters describe the process from the view of a customer.

Content Consumption

Customers consume the content through FluxPlayer available for Windows, MacOSX, iOS, Android, Kindle and SmartTV. FluxPlayer handles the download/streaming, social functions (ratings and sharing) and much more.

Customers log in to FluxPlayer and get presented with their content.

content ipad 

content iPhone

It is also possible to get back to the shop from the player.

Account Creation / Consistency Check

Because customers need to log in to FluxPlayer to access the content, it is important that the account information they use for the purchase matches the account used for logging in to the player.

To make sure this is always the case, the FlickRocket OpenCart extension will check at every purchase if the account specified by the customer is new or matches an existing FluxPlayer account. If there is already an existing account for the email address but the password does not match, the user is asked to specify the correct password.

account check

If the customer changes his password, this is automatically synced back to FluxPlayer.

After the purchase

Once the purchase completes, the customer sees the following page when he goes to “Downloadable Products”.

after purchase

All he has to do now, is to follow the instructions to install FluxPlayer (current platform is always on top) and log in with his credentials.

Player Installation

The design of the HTML used to present the FluxPlayer downloads and the design of the Players can be customized.