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Prepare Ads and make them available

Affiliates can use the Ads you prepare for them. An Ad is basically a picture you upload which is linked to either the shop in general (to be precise - the catalog view of a Theme) or a certain project of a Theme.

Ads can be uploaded under ‘Marketing -> Affiliates -> Manage Ads’

affiliate prepare ads

Typical ad sizes are listed below. Although the system does not restrict you from using different sizes, this is not recommended because typical Affiliates will not have their web sites designed to work with different sizes.

affiliate ad sizes

Confirmed Affiliates can view your Ads and retrieve an HTML code snippet for the integration into their web site(s).

Note: If you delete an Ad, the links which are in use by Affiliates for this ad will cease to work and cause errors. Be sure to notify your Affiliates of such changes – which you can do best by using the E-Mailing function under ‘Marketing -> E-Mailings”.