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Affiliate Overview

You can get an overview about your Affiliates and their revenues at any time by using the “Marketing -> Affiliates -> Manage Affiliates” function.

affiliate overview

Here you see a list of your Affiliates, their status, the Theme(s) they are signed up to and their revenues and commission. You can also terminate the agreement

Note: The detailed transactions originating from Affiliates can be downloaded from the “Shop -> Sales Summary” page.

Reporting and payment to affiliates

The Reporting for Affiliates is done as part of the regular FlickRocket Reporting in the following month.

Every Affiliate which generated revenue during the previous month receives an email with credit notes and detailed CSV about all sales and related commissions originating from the ads on his web site(s).

Payouts to Affiliates using FlickRocket

If your shop uses the FlickRocket payment processing, FlickRocket performs the payouts to Affiliates directly. You receive an overview as well as detail reports about the Affiliates revenues and commissions and the commission amount is listed on your royalty statement.

Direct payouts to Affiliates (without FlickRocket)

If you use your own payment processing, FlickRocket reports all payouts to the Affiliates on your behalf and sends you an overview as well as details report about the Affiliates revenues and commissions.

Important: You are responsible for paying your Affiliates and keeping track of minimum payout thresholds.

Activating the Affiliate System

Only SILVER users with activated Affiliate Add-On or GOLD users can activate the Affiliate System for their Themes.

The Affiliate System for a Theme is activated under ‘Shop -> Themes -> Manage Integration’.

affiliate activate system

After enabling the Affiliate System by marking the checkbox, you need to enter the percentage of the revenue which you want to pay out to Affiliates which drive traffic to your shop.

The percentage is calculated on the final sales price of the items after deduction of discounts.

Affiliate sign-up and confirmation

Once the Affiliate System is active for a certain Theme, the Shop displays an additional Link called “Affiliates” which new and existing Affiliates can use to sign-up for becoming Affiliate for your shop/theme.

affiliate sign up in shop

affiliate sign up step 2 

At the initial sign-up the Affiliate has to specify his email address and a password which is then automatically verified by sending a verification email with link which needs to be clicked. After this the Affiliate can login and has to accept the Terms and Conditions in order to continue.

At this stage, you receive the Affiliate’s request to be added on the front page of your FlickRocket admin page.

affiliate login

Only after your acceptance, the Affiliate can continue and access your Ads for placing them his web site(s).

affiliate access ads

Prepare Ads and make them available

Affiliates can use the Ads you prepare for them. An Ad is basically a picture you upload which is linked to either the shop in general (to be precise - the catalog view of a Theme) or a certain project of a Theme.

Ads can be uploaded under ‘Marketing -> Affiliates -> Manage Ads’

affiliate prepare ads

Typical ad sizes are listed below. Although the system does not restrict you from using different sizes, this is not recommended because typical Affiliates will not have their web sites designed to work with different sizes.

affiliate ad sizes

Confirmed Affiliates can view your Ads and retrieve an HTML code snippet for the integration into their web site(s).

Note: If you delete an Ad, the links which are in use by Affiliates for this ad will cease to work and cause errors. Be sure to notify your Affiliates of such changes – which you can do best by using the E-Mailing function under ‘Marketing -> E-Mailings”.

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