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FlickRocket offers many features to content owners, parters and developers alike. The following points you to online resources with detailed documentation about the usage, platform and developer options.


Usage Guide

Learn how to utilize FlickRocket's various features and get more out of the system.
FlickRocket is the only system which enables you to sell all kind of digital content. Everything can then be delivered online or via shipment by mail – quick and simple without having to set up your own store, your own content delivery network, payment processing or physical shipment facility. 


theme develop

Theme Development

Learn how to develop themes for FlickRocket and make most of Liquid.
Liquid is a template engine, which allows web designers to dynamically insert information (usually data retrieved from a database, like products of a shop) into so called templates. A template is normal HTML code, which contains placeholders for such information. Additionally most often loop constructs, conditional processing and variables can be used within such template engines.




Learn how to use the FlickRocket SOAP API in your own client or server software.
The FlickRocket platform consists of a shop frontend, an access backend, administration, preparation and client side modules. You can replace the shop frontend with a custom shop system while maintaining all the functionality of the other modules.

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Learn how to use the FlickRocket REST API for managing the platform and sending orders.
To start development, you need to sign up to FlickRocket and set up your own shop. In most cases the BASIC account provides everything that is needed for app development.

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3rd Party Shop Plug-Ins

Learn how to extend popular 3rd party shop systems with FlickRocket functionality to sell digital content online.

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