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Group distribution

Groups are certain categories of end users that have some common handling associated with them.

The most common group is ‘Purchase’ which is automatically generated and includes all users that can or in certain instances have purchased a movie from your regular FlickRocket store.

You can also create groups yourself and define licenses to be issued for all members of such groups. This makes for example sense if you have a closed customer group which should have access to certain movies without going through the purchase process. This can for example be used for screener distribution or groups of people that have already paid for the content by arrangements outside of the scope of FlickRocket such as pay TV customers.

You can create a group by selecting ‘Company / Groups’ and pressing the ‘Add Group’ button.

groups list customer group

After entering a group name, which should describe your intentions for creation of the group (e.g. press contacts or subscribers), you need to select the license model which should be issued for any user of the group and any movie assigned to the group.

Once you have created your group, you can add users by clicking on the ‘Users’ link in the list of the groups and pressing the ‘Add User’ button.

groups edit user

Fill in the user data and press ‘OK’ to commit. The user can now log in using these credentials on the ‘My Movies’ page. You can also send a batch notification to all users of a certain group by using the ‘Send Group Email’ feature in which you welcome them to the group and notify them about their login email and password as well as the procedure to login. For details see the chapter ‘E-Mailings’ under ‘Marketing’.

Example: Screener distribution via groups

FlickRocket is a perfect tool for electronic screener distribution. By using fluxDVD as the underlying format it is the only distribution method which can not only handle linear streams but complete DVDs.

Every download can individually been checked and every DVD burn may be performed with an individual watermark which can be traced back to the user retrieving the license (incl. IP address).

Using FlickRocket for screener distribution is possible by setting up a new group on the FlickRocket web site under ‘Company / Groups’ with the ‘Create Group’ function and defining the license to be used (e.g. ‘unlimited use, 2 burns’).

groups edit group

Now you can start to upload/assign movie screeners to the newly created group and set up your users by using the ‘Users’ link in the ‘List Groups’ functions.

groups edit user

Now you are ready to invite your users to the new screener delivery system by using the ‘Marketing / E-Mailing’ function.

After receiving the email notification the users can log in and access the movies associated with their group.


FlickRocket provides lots of features you can use to market your shop to your (potential) customers. 


The general marketing features provide you options to feature your products in your shop, present related products to your customers and make products easiert to find.

E-Mailing System

With the emaling system you can make manual or automated email send-outs to customers, newsletter recipients and more. Ideal for special offers and follow-ups. 

Webshop in Facebook

FlickRocket enables you to set up your webshop not only on your web site but also on your Facebook page. Your Facebook webshop can have the same or different content than your website shop.

To add your shop to Facebook, you need an active Facebook account and you need to have created a page for your webshop.

facebook create page

Once you have this, you need to go to www.facebook.com/flickrocket and click the “Sign-up” button.

facebook shop sign up

Important! If you use the same email for Facebook and for FlickRocket, we will automatically detect this and ask for your FlickRocket password (which might be different than your Facebook password) to link both accounts together.

Important! If you use a different email for Facebook than you use for FlickRocket, you need to create a user for this email in FlickRocket before you click “Sign-up”. You can do this after logging in to FlickRocket in the “Company” section.

After you signed up successfully, you see the following page, which guides you though the required steps for setup.

facebook shop password


 facebook shop launch


facebook shop welcome


facebook shop admin

To define which content the Facebook Shop will offer, you need to click on “Click here to make settings”.

facebook shop link to page

Click on “Add App to Page” and you are done.

Important! Make sure that the content you want to offer is either assigned to “All Themes” or to the theme you select to use in Facebook (typically the “Facebook” Theme).

If you haven’t prepared and uploaded content, you need to do this now.

Digital Copy / E-Copy

FlickRocket supports code based downloads (or copies/conversions from DVD/BD) for Videos, Audio, Content Packages and Software.

In case a physical media is involved, such a Digital Copy for a DVD or BD, please visit www.protect-software.com for disc preparation instructions. For E-Copies, web setup and code generation read on. 

Getting Started

Setting up a Digital Copy/E-Copy project is identical to setting up a normal shop project, except that you do not need to select licenses (and associated prices). This is not described here, so please see the previous chapters for details on this.

Once the project is set up and the content is uploaded, the next step is creating the web integration. In regards to Themes the process is identical to shop themes but it must be noted that a Digital Copy/E-Copy Theme does not have most of the shop elements but instead some other, Digital Copy related elements.

As with shops, the integration is best done via sub domains but can also be performed via direct link or Iframe. For sub domains the integration is done by entering the sub domain to be used in under ‘Shop -> Themes -> Manage integration’ in the ‘E-Copy domain’ value. In case of ‘Direct Link’ or ‘Iframe’ integration, the HTML code can be generated by using the ‘Shop -> Integrate features in web site’ function.

Now everything is prepared and all you need is preparing the code.

Creating Codes

Codes are created by using the ‘Shop -> UnlockCodes/DVD-Codes/E-Copy Codes -> Create/Manage Codes’ function.

create codes

You need to add the projects you want to make available with the codes to be created, the expiration date, the licenses which will be granted for the projects, and how often licenses will be issued under that code.

Additionally, the codes can be linked to a theme which is automatically invoked in case the code is validated via QR code.

Finally you have to enter the number of codes to be generated and an optional comment.

Clicking the “Generate” button will generate a CSV file with the codes while clicking the “Generate (incl. QR Codes)” generates a ZIP file which includes the QR codes as PNG images and a corresponding CSV file which links the QR images and codes.

Content sharing between separate shops

The Content Sharing function enables you to make your content available to other shops as well using your shop to sell content from other shop owners.

The content must explicitly be made available to the destination shop which usually involves an agreement regarding revenue sharing between the two shops.

Important: FlickRocket only reports the content sales to both the original content owner and the receiving web shop. All financial transactions happen outside of FlickRocket.

Making your content available to other shops

To make your content (or a part of it) available to other web shops, you need to use the ‘Projects -> Project sharing’ function.

share content 1

Note: By marking the “Default to adding new projects automatically to this group” you can make sure that new projects are automatically shared in this group.

You can create multiple sharing groups to which you can assign different projects. Once the group is set up, you can grant permissions to other shops simply by entering the email address of the shop owner.

share content grant permission

The shop owner will receive a permission email which he can accept by clicking the acceptance link in the email.

Selling shared content from other shops in your shop

Once you accept the sharing, you can set up new projects based on the shared content and associate them with your own license models and pricing.

To create such a project, you need to use project type “Based on shared project” under “Projects -> New project”.

shared content sales

All descriptions and meta data are automatically carried over to the newly created project.

Reviewing sales data of shared content

The sales data of shared content is listed separately on your ‘Shop -> Sales Summary’ page once you share your content with others or start selling content shared from others.

shared content review sales

This data is accessible from both parties and is usually used as the basis for payments between them.