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Offering Multi-user Licenses

The Multi-user license makes it easy to sell or rent content for an entire class or group with a single purchase… and reduced costs for you. This is ideal for schools, companies, and organizations where many users need access to content, but the order is placed by a purchasing agent. For example, a teacher could license a video or book for use by a whole school class of 30 students.You determine the number of users and the cost for each multi-user license. 

Using Mailing Lists

This feature allows importing a mailing list to automatically send out unique unlock codes, gift certificates, or discount codes. For example, a mailing list could be used for distributing digital textbooks to all students enrolled in a course or you send a follow-up email with a discount code to leads gathered at conferences… and all this can be completed in minutes.

Let’s look at the process…  

Offering Product Variations

Have you ever wondered how to set up complex physical or service products with FlickRocket? Products which have multiple different properties, such as color and size? Of which not all possible combinations may exist? Well, the “Variations” product has you covered – find out below on how to set it up properly.

How to prepare your PDF for maximum security

PDF - For maximum security, you should not allow printing or exporting of PDF files. You can use a custom license to manage printing rights or you can secure the PDF before uploading.

FlickRocket uses those security flags to determine what rights our digital rights management (DRM) will allow. Managed print options available when using a custom license include no printing, allow x number of pages per print session, or unlimited printing. The Export option allows export of an unprotected PDF file.

To set the PDF security permissions in Adobe Acrobat before uploading:
(These are general instructions as the settings and locations may vary in different versions of Adobe Acrobat.)

  1. Open PDF using Adobe Acrobat and select File>Properties.
  2. Select the Security tab and change Security Method to Password Security.
  3. Restrict the printing and editing of the document and change both Printing Allowed and Changes Allowed to None. Make certain that the checkbox for copying of text, images, and other content is not enabled.
  4. Enter a password and confirm that password for these permissions.

Using FlickRocket and FluxPlayer to build a KIOSK solution

Kiosk solution with Guided Access

Did you ever think about presenting your content in a KIOSK system? Presenting your content at POS? At shows? Seminars? And the list goes on and on…

We’ve frequently heard this kind of request and so I thought I would make a blog post to answer the question and show how you can build a profession KIOK solution based on your FlickRocket shop.