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Gift Certificates

‘Gift Certificates’ or ‘Discount Codes’ allow you to create short coupon codes for (potential) customer that have a certain value as incentive for a purchase. You can create these on the FlickRocket web site in the ‘Shop / Gift Certificates’ section.

create codes

Each certificate may have the following settings and limitations:


The value of the code which is deducted from the order (may be different for each currency)

Tax Handling

The tax handling defines if the value specified for the code is gross or net. Depending of the tax relation between you and the end user the value may be different than entered.


The number of certificates to be created.



This setting allows you to limit the code to a certain product. By default the code is valid for all your products.


This setting allows you to limit the code to only one usage (default). Alternatively you can make the code valid for multiple purchases which is equal to a rebate on any purchase.


This setting defines whether the code can be used together with other codes. The default setting ‘Forbidden’ prevents the use of multiple codes in one order.

Expiration Date

Any created code will only get accepted until the expiration date.

The certificates will be downloadable as a plain text file after the creation completes. Each certificate is separated from the next by semicolon (;) and line break.