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Creation of startup HTML files for packages

Content packages always need to contain an index.html file which is presented at the start of the package. If no index.html exists in the source data, it is automatically created. However, the automated creation of the index.html file is only very basic and often content owners prefer to create their own customized index.html with graphics, additional information, etc.

Things to consider when creating an index.html

  • Make sure all links and references in your index.html are relative
  • To prevent copying links with direct access to the files insert the following into the <body> tag of the HTML:

    ondragstart="return false" onselectstart="return false"

  • Use the title tag to give your index.html a meaningful name
  • If you are embedding any type of active content which requires plug-ins to be installed, make sure you check for the existence of the proper versions of these plug-ins.