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We just released version 1.1 of the FlickRocket plug-in for Wordpress/Woocommerce. The new plug-in comes with the following updates:

  • Added support for Wordpress 4.0 and WooCommerce 2.2.8
  • Cleanup of FlickRocket related options when creating/editing products
  • Theme selection now as dropdown box and displays only active themes per user
  • New password reset logic to allow FlickRocket customer password resets from within the WooCommerce shop
  • Minor bug fixes

The new plug-in can be downloaded from the Wordpress plug-in directory as of now.

We recently released new versions of FluxPlayer for Windows, MacOSX, iOS and Android. See below for details:


  • New: Enhanced support for Retina/HiDPI Displays
  • Fix: Printing of PDFs with print restriction
  • Fix: Problem with printing last page of certain PDFs
  • Fix: Subtitle display problem for certain DVDs
  • Fix: Problem with image display in certain ePubs


  • Fix: Issue with desktop to mobile transfer on 64bit devices (iOS only)
  • Fix: Subtitle display problem for certain DVDs
  • Fix: Problem with image display in certain ePubs

If you have any questions, contact your partner or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We are happy to release new 3rd party shop system plug-ins for Magento and Prestashop. Read below for more details.

Magento Extension 1.1.8

  • Added optional access to legacy file downloads
  • Added password sync feature in password reset function
  • Added digital content purchases on behalf of existing customers in admin interface
  • Added support for product redirect from social feature in players to Magento product pages
  • Added support for digital content purchases from legacy (pre FlickRocket plug-in) Magento users

Prestashop Addon 1.3

  • General package fix
  • Minor bug fixes

We recommend everyone to switch to the new plug-in versions.


Over the last few days we have released new FluxPlayers, FlickRocket Content Tools and platform updates. See below for more information:

New FluxPlayer version released (Win/Mac/iOS/Android/Kindle)


  • Enhanced content subscription features
  • Enhanced music playback control
  • Smaller bug fixes and optimizations


  • Added iOS9 support
  • Added 64bit support

Windows, MacOSX

  • Workaround for TuneUp bug deleting licenses (Windows)
  • Enhanced auto-update function

New ContentTools released (Win/Mac)

  • Fixed issue with attributes
  • Fix for Content Packager with music files

New Platform updates

  • Admin interface speed optimizations
  • Added availability time frames to subscription items


We are happy to announce what’s going on with FlickRocket this week.

Release of new FlickRocket Content Tools (Win/Mac)

  • Uploader now tolerates more errors during upload before changing to failed state (useful for slow and bad connections).
  • Enhanced resume for failed uploads makes sure that already uploaded data is not sent again.
  • Uploader can be automated by using command line parameters.
  • XML extended to support attribute information.

Added Support for Worldpay

  • Content Owners working with Worldpay can now use it also in Flickrocket.

Added Support for Amazon Fire Phone

  • FluxPlayer available in the Amazon App Store for Fire Phone as of now.