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We just released a new Flickrocket platform update. See below for the changes:

  • Extended Discount Codes

    You can now create "named" discount codes, such as "FREESUMMER" and limit any discount code to be redeemd only against certain products.

  • Subscription Enhancements

    We have significantly enhanced the subscription process and added up to 4 email templates to be sent in case of payment problems. In addition, the content owner notification emails have been extended.

  • More Reports

    We have added a number of new reports to the "Reports" section. As before, these reports can be accessed via direct URLs with a valid security token.

  • New Apps for Basic Users

    Basic users may now use apps to extend their shops with category- and license management (included free in SILVER and GOLD plans).

  • Liquid Sales Confirmation Emails

    Sales confirmation emails can now be dynamically customized using the same Liquid engine as you know it from the themes.

  • Much More...

    We've made many additional smaller changes to the shop and admin interface. Check it out now...

If you have any questions, contact your partner or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..