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FlickRocket just released a new platform update. Please see below for the main changes.

  • New sales item/shipping pricing logic

    Flickrocket no longer requires you to specify at least USD and EUR pricing but enables you to specify pricing only in your home currency. Based on the customer’s location and your payment settings, FlickRocket automatically converts the pricing based on day-to-day exchange rates into local currencies. Of course you can still define different pricing for different countries and in addition now you can also specify different pricing for different currencies.

    Note: If you have already specified pricing for multiple regions, these settings will be kept. If you rather want to charge your home price for all regions, you need to edit your price models. If you don’t edit, everything will stay as before.

  • Physical sales option for digital content

    If you want to offer physical shipping for your digital content products, you can do this by defining a “Physical Shipping” license and adding it to your digital content products. So setting up a physical product for the same content item is no longer required, which streamlines your shop and improves search engine rankings.

    Note: Independent of selling physical products stand alone or as a digital content license option, there is no cost for physical item sales.

  • Theme Store designer preview

    The Theme Store can now preview the theme's design options so you can check how to tweak the theme without making any HTML changes.

  • Admin interface changes

    The admin interface has been optimized for speed and has been added numerous useful enhancements. See for yourself…

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