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Today we released the all new FlickRocket Content Tools for Windows and MacOSX.

The new Content Tools combine the individual packaging, encoding and upload tools into one streamlined solution. See below for the highlights.

Content Tools startup Content Tools Encoding


  • New: Native UI for Windows and MacOSX
  • New: Automatic content recognition and workflow adaption
  • New: Ability to process multiple content items in parallel
  • New: All new content packaging process with support for more content types, options, etc.
  • New: Optional editing of auto-generated HTML code from packaging process
  • New: Auto upload after encode for DVD content
  • New: Up to 50% faster upload speeds
  • Enhanced: Enhanced upload resumption
  • Enhanced: Support for HighDPI and Retina displays
  • Enhanced: New enhanced auto-update process if newer versions become available
  • Fix: Creation/usage of DVD preview pictures


You can download the new version from the links below or use the auto-update function.

Download FlickRocket Content Tools for Windows
Download FlickRocket Content Tools for MacOSX