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We are very happy to announce the release of the new FlickRocket Content Tools for desktop and browser based uploads. See below what this means for you:

  • New: Automatic trailer generation (optional)

    You have video content but have not prepared a trailer yet? No problem, FlickRocket can now auto generate a trailer from your content using the first 10% or 1000 seconds max.

  • New: Upload trailers to YouTube (optional)

    Do you use YouTube as part of your marketing? Life has just gotten easier for you - FlickRocket can now upload your trailers into your YouTube channel as part of the FlickRocket upload.

    This feature is currently only available for web based uploads and FlickRocket Content Tools for Windows

  • New: Video trailer option for additional content types

    The uploader can now be used to add video trailers to other project types, e.g. physical DVDs, which you are selling via FlickRocket.

  • Enhanced: Modify trailers for existing projects

    The uploader now gives you more control about managing trailers for existing projects. Keep original, replace or remove right from the uploader.

  • Enhanced: More sanity checks for content

    The uploader detects more file defects at the beginning of the upload, alerting you in time to fix the problem before uploading.

  • Fix: Enforce identical content type for existing projects

    Fix for a problem which could cause invalid projects when different content type files were uploaded into one project.

  • Fix: Browser based uploader will not enter sleep mode

    Some users had problems that the browser based uploads were interrupted because the computer went into sleep mode. This is now prevented for most major browsers.

The new FlickRocket Content Tools are available as of now. If you are using an older version, you will get an update notification.