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We are happy to release the next FlickRocket platform and player update. See below for the highlights:

Mobile enhancements

  • Dedicated mobile shop domain

    Shops now support “m” as dedicated mobile shop domain. Just entering “m” as sub domain prefix will bring up the mobile version of the shop (e.g. m.ms.flickrocket.com gets you to the mobile version for ms.flickrocket.com).

Mobile SEO
  • Note: This is automatically active for FlickRocket standard and vanity domains. If you are using a custom domain you need to activate a “catch all” for the sub domain you are using or point the “m” sub domain to shop.flickrocket.com.

  • Mobile shop domains and SEO

    More and more business is coming from mobile devices. Using mobile shop domains allows search engines to individually index your shop for mobile devices resulting in better ranking for searches originating from mobile devices.

    Flickrocket will automatically include your mobile shop domain into the sitemap and canonicalization logic.

Shop enhancements

  • Social sharing buttons

    Product detail pages include now social sharing buttons for Facebook, Google+, Twitter and E-Mail.

  • New “Last viewed” products section

    Shops can now include a new “Last viewed” section which lists the products the customer has last viewed. This is cookie based and so it works independent of being logged in or not when the customer visits the shop next time.

Shop Enhancements
  • Optional pictures in sections (New, Best Selling, Upcoming, Last Viewed)

    The shop information section can now include the product pictures in addition or as replacement for the product names.

  • Simplified renaming of shop elements

    It is no easier possible to rename individual elements in the shop such as the sections, buttons, etc.

  • Updated “How it works” and “Support” pages for shops

    “Support” now points to using the FluxPlayer’s integrated support function for related support request and “How-it works” has been updated with more process information.

General enhancements

  • Service products

    The new project type “Service” is similar to “Physical” products, except that it doesn’t include the shipping options.

General Enhancements
  • New backend “report bugs” function

    We’re always interested to get your feedback in case you run into any problems with FlickRocket. To enable a direct communication and quick response we have added a link to a bug reporting form into the footer of every FlickRocket backend page.

New FluxPlayers

  • Design (Win, Mac)

    The design has been changed to a modern flat style, automatically adapting to different operating version’s requirements.

  • Added “Forgot password” option (Win, Mac, iOS, Android)

    Customers can now change their password directly within FluxPlayer and there’s no need to use the shop site.

New FluxPlayers
  • DVD menu selection help (Mac, iOS, Android)

    Some DVDs are authored in a way that the menu selection (especially on touch devices) is not obvious. FluxPlayer will now highlight the menu selections the first time a customer goes into a menu and does not do a selection for some time.

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