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We are very happy to announce the latest FlickRocket platform update. The update is live as of now and includes the following changes and enhancements.

New Domain System

  • New: Every shop/theme is now automatically assigned to a unique domain

    Now even shops without their own domain have a friendly URL to go to, instead of having to use sub folders and parameters to reach the shop

  • New: Optional vanity domain under flickrocket.com for friendly access

    Now shop owners without their own domain can reserve their own, descriptive, memorable domain under flickrocket.com. The right naming is also an important factor for SEO.

  • New: Replaced “Integrate features” with theme/domain overview

    No more need to use the feature integration function to create links for sharing. You can simply use the domain and any links from it.

SEO Optimizations

  • New: New URL system for shorter, more descriptive and robust links

    The new URLs are better for SEO in terms of length, keyword priorities, and localization. Also, they are robust against future parameter changes meaning they do not become invalid even if basic parameter such as category or product names are changed.

  • New: New SEO parameters for start, catalog and product pages

    You can now override the auto generated title tags and specify description and keyword tags by shop/theme category and product.

  • New: Optimized title tag and H1 logic with manual override

    New logic includes more information into title and H1 tags for better search engine placement

  • Enhanced: Canonicalization logic

    New canonicalization logic ensures each content page is only referenced once. This increases its relevance and reduces penalties for double content

  • Enhanced: Extended Sitemap (incl. video)

    The auto generated sitemap is extended with additional information regarding categories and video data making your shop more discoverable.


  • New: Optional link to homepage

    If you have a separate homepage from the shop, this option enables your customers to simply navigate between both sites.

  • New: Moved general settings to themes and consolidated all theme related settings under themes

    You can now specify different settings for different shops/themes you operate and you can simply access all settings within the theme section.

  • New: Option to add custom header data (e.g. for authorizing shop domain with Google or Bing Webmaster Tools)

    Tools like Google and Bing Webmaster Tools provide valuable insights into how your shop is being indexed, it’s structure, how it’s found and much more. You can now authorize your shop to take advantage of these essential tools.

  • New: Option to add custom body data (e.g. for adding Google Analytics code on shop pages)

    For in-depth knowledge about the traffic in your shop, you have to use analytics tools such as Google Analytics. Particular important to track ad campaigns the data you get is essential to optimize traffic and sales.


  • New: Added pre-order option

    You can now sell pre-orders for products which will be released shortly. After release, customers who have ordered the item will automatically get access.

  • New: GTPay/Webpay added

    New payment options for specific countries

  • New: Group user transaction details

    Ability for admins to see consumed licenses/downloads for group users.

  • Performance optimizations (pre-calculated statistics data, reduced redirects, structure enhancements, much more…)

    These changes result in significant performance enhancements for shops. The effects are particularly visible in larger shops with many products.


  • New: Updated to version 1.3 with multiple new functions

    Various new functions enabling even deeper API integration with 3rd party platforms, shopping carts, etc.