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We are happy to release new FluxPlayer versions for Windows, MacOSX, iOS, Android and Kindle.

The new versions feature many significant enhancements for a better customer experience:

New Views

  • Customers can now select between Recent, Title, Artist and Category views
  • Views include different styles and grouping optimized for current selection

Social Sharing

  • Customers can now post about content directly from within FluxPlayer by using the OS built-in social account handling (iOS, Android, Kindle) or via browser (Windows, MacOSX)


  • Customers can now rate content inside FluxPlayer. Content owners can decide if they want to utilize the ratings within the shop

Cloud Sync

  • FluxPlayer now automatically syncs recently used content, current view/read positions, bookmarks and ratings between multiple devices

iOS 7

  • The iOS version of FluxPlayer now includes full support for iOS 7 and is modified to fit the new style

The new versions are live as of now and customers will receive an update notification.