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We are happy to release the latest version of the FlickRocket platform and related Flux Players.

New Web platform update


  • New: Social extensions allow your customers to follow you on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube
  • New: Newsletter registration for interested customers

Search Engine Optimizations

  • New: Search engine friendly URLs
  • New: SEO tagging for images


  • New: Option dynamic width for some themes
  • New: Allow removal of company name via option
  • New: Support for category related color schemes

New theme management

  • New: Design changes for streamlined use
  • New: Direct editing of CSS and JavaScript files
  • New: Design template for emails

Shopping cart

  • New: After a purchase process out of the player customer is not offered FluxPlayer installation if required FluxPlayer version is already installed
  • Enhanced: Display of preview pictures
  • Enhanced: Various speed optimizations


  • Enhanced: Upload of tagging data including multi file upload

New FluxPlayer versions for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android

Social (All OS)

  • New: Content rating function
  • New: Social sharing of content recommendations (incl. rating) via Facebook, Twitter and Google+

Design (iOS)

  • New: Optional tile view

Auto Update (Windows/MacOSX)

  • New: Flux Player now performs complete update process (download, install, restart) when new version is detected and user selects update (Windows and MacOSX)

Changes to API functionality

  • New: CheckAccount() function to validate user credentials and theme
  • New: GetUnlockCodeInfo() function to check UnlockCodes and retrieve information about them
  • New: CreateGiftCertificates() function to generate and retrieve gift certificate codes
  • New: CreateUnlockCodes() function to generate and retrieve UnlockCodes
  • Extended: CreateShopOrder() function extended to allow UnlockCode redemptions
  • Removed: PrepareGroupLogin() function has been removed because it is no longer needed and PrepareLogin() can be used instead

The new features are live as of now and you don’t need to do anything to keep your shop running. However, you may need to the following additional settings to configure all of the new functionality:

  • Enter your social identities for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Youtube and select if you want to offer newsletter subscription under Shop -> Themes -> Manage social connections.
  • Dynamic theme width for supported themes is enabled by default. If you want to disable it, you need to use the editor