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We are very happy to release the Flickrocket Facebook Webshop which enables you to sell your products directly from your Facebook page. With the Flickrocket Facebook webshop, all the functionality available in your site based webshop is now also accessible right within Facebook.

Facebook users or friends browsing your account can purchase and access your content without having to leave Facebook. By using Facebook’s social functions users can recommend your content and share trailers with their friends – resulting in growing sales.

Setting up your shop within Facebook is simple. Simply add the “FlickRocket Webshop” app and follow the instructions. For more details see the link below:


Last but not least we have replaced our old Facebook presence with the new Facebook app page. To start the page we have we have set up a special offer. Everyone FlickRocket Publisher who “likes” the new site, will get an instant credit of $15 (€15 in Europe). 

To get to the FlickRocket Facebook Webshop just login to Facebook and search for “FlickRocket Webshop” or click the link below:


The FlickRocket Facebook Webshop is not available for restricted content.