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We are very happy to announce the all new FlickRocket subscription service. 

FlickRocket Publishers can set up subscription plans under which they offer all or a subset of their titles to subscribers. Optional trial period, runtime, pricing and rights granted under the subscription can be freely configured. 

Customers can sign up to the subscription directly from the web shop and FlickRocket performs all the billing, support and communication with the customer. 

A sample subscription is available in the FlickRocket sample shop at http://ms.flickrocket.com. Subscribers can access the content from the PC and Mac as well as from almost any mobile device (iOS, Android, Blackberry). 

Since subscription offerings make only sense to shops with a higher number of films, the subscription is limited to FlickRocket GOLD status members. 

If you are interested to add the subscription feature to your offering, you can do this directly in the FlickRocket web interface. The updated FlickRocket Content Tool includes a new manual which describes the process in detail.