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We are very happy to have released today the new FlickRocket Platform and Client Software. Please see below for more details on the changes:

Client Software Release

Starting with this release, all platforms (Windows, MacOSX, iOS, Android, Facebook, connected devices) use the FluxPlayer client. 

• General: Common workflow across all platforms
• General: List of content directly available inside the Flux Player
• General: Integrated Player with new control elements
• General: Support more content types such as Audio, PDFs, E-Books, Interactive content
• Windows: FluxPlayer combines download, streaming, playback, burn and export
• Windows: Does not any longer require administrative rights during install
• Windows: Hardware accelerated playback and transcode (Vista and newer)
• Windows: Much faster install procedure
• MacOSX: FluxPlayer now also handles the download/streaming and storage/access in addition to playback
• MacOSX: Support for all browsers (Safari, Firefox, Chrome) and both 32bit and 64bit versions
• MacOSX: Full Screen mode
• Windows/MacOSX: Support tool accessible from FluxPlayer
• iOS/Android: Direct cloud based content access without requiring browser usage

FlickRocket Platform Release

• New: Shop support for purchases by invoice with customer identification via mail or text message (only some regions)
• New: Shop customer birthday requirement now optional (Shop Settings)
• New: Search option in Shop’s “My Content” view
• New: Ability for customers to assign their Facebook account to FlickRocket customer account
• New: DATEV export of sales for direct integration into customer’s accounting (only some regions)
• New: Optional second view mode for “My Content” for better overview
• New: Alternative redundant mailing system for shop generated emails in case individual servers become unavailable
• New: Ability to enter custom runtime length for films
• New: Films can be made specifically available to PC or MacOSX/Mobile platforms
• Fixed: Minor bug in categories management
• Fixed: Some minor issues with Facebook integration
• Fixed: Issues when using Facebook credentials to login to FlickRocket Shop
• Fixed: Issue with deleted discount models still being active
• Fixed: Minor issues with subscription models
• Beta: HD Support

Content Tools Release

• New: FluxPackager tool for supporting Audio, PDFs, E-Book and Interactive content
• New: Includes Flux Player (Windows only)
• New: Updated manuals
• Fixed: Better handling and automated continue on connection loss during upload

All components are 100% compatible to previous versions. There is no need for new encodes and existing licenses will continue to work.