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We are happy to release the following updates to the FlickRocket platform.

Option for manually assigning projects/licenses to customer's accounts
FlickRocket shop owners can now manually add projects/licenses into their customer’s accounts and even set up new customers manually. You can access this functionality under Support -> Sales Support -> Assign projects/licenses.

Cookie-less shop mode
In preparation for Firefox’s announced blocking of 3rd party cookies the shop now auto-detects the cookie state and uses a cookie-less operation mode to ensure continuous operation of shops. This is important for shops using iframe integration. Changes to the shop settings are not required.

Minor updates for FluxPlayer Windows and MacOSX
New FluxPlayers for Windows and MacOSX with updated ePub support and the ability to change the content directory have been released. Previous versions of FluxPlayer will automatically show a notification about the new version.

Added native GBP support
FlickRocket shop owners using the FlickRocket payment gateway can now natively charge GBP. This has to be enabled under Shop -> General -> Settings to become active.