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We are very pleased to announce the release of the latest FlickRocket platform and client update.

This release is all about enhancing the customer's experience accessing the purchased or rented content:

  • Cloud content access now entirely player based, requiring no web login
  • Player installation changed from browser/plug-in detection model to stand alone install with authenticated access.
    • Fixes all problems where the player could not be found because the browser or security software inadvertently blocked plug-ins.
    • Enables customers to access the content on all platforms by using the same process.
  • New player versions for Windows, MacOSX, iOS and Android
    • Cloud content access now handled transparently. If a certain piece of content or license is not available locally it is retrieved from the cloud without requiring further actions.
    • Content directory is held in local database enabling faster presentation, access and discoverability. This is especially important in scenarios where customers have access to thousands of content items.
    • Code redemption option (except iOS).
    • Player shows update notifications if new version becomes available.
    • Several general and platform specific fixes.
  • Other changes are:
    • Updated stock themes.
    • Simplified and more flexible theme design options.
    • Shop speed optimizations.

As part of the changes all themes have been slightly modified. Please check your theme to make sure it works as intended.