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We are very happy to release the FlickRocket Affiliate System today. The FlickRocket Affiliate System is tightly integrated with FlickRocket based web shops and allows you to sign up, manage and credit affiliates for your shop.

The Affiliate features are located under the new "Marketing" menu which now contains all marketing related functions. All you need to get started is to set the commission percentage you want to share with your affiliates and prepare one or more ads/banners (for your shop or individual products) under which your affiliates can choose.

Once the FlickRocket Affiliate System is active, an "Affiliate" link will be displayed in your shop which affiliates can use to sign-up and (after your confirmation) start promoting your shop/products.

Content owners and affiliates receive real time tracking information about ad/banner impressions, visitors, clicks and resulting sales.

FlickRocket automatically tracks all affiliate sales/commissions and performs a monthly reporting for content owners and affiliates. Payouts can optionally be handled by FlickRocket or directly from you.

The FlickRocket Affiliate System is available as Add-On for SILVER accounts and included in the GOLD account. For more information see the updated FlickRocket manual (Windows | Mac).