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2019-08-13 Flickrocket recent new features additions

See below the new Flickrocket feature additions that might be useful for your business:

Event content

If you sell video/content from an event (e.g. an adventure tour, a concert, a wedding, graduation, etc.) you might want to look into our Event Content offering. The Event Content feature allows offering an unlimited amount of content (optionally watermarked) with every plan for a limited time.

Marketplace BETA

With the new Flickrocket Marketplace you can offer your content to other shops and also license content from other shops for selling within your shop. Marketplace is currently in beta and if you are interested in joining, please contact info@flickrocket.com.

Browser based PDF/ePub rendering

Recently uploaded PDFs and ePubs can now be securely displayed in the "My Content" section of Flickrocket based web shops. Requires no separate app install and simply works in any modern browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari). Some print related features may be limited. Contact your account manager or email us at info@flickrocket.com for more information.

Product attachments

You can now attach various content files such as documents, images, data files, etc. to every digital content product. Imagine training/exercise plans for sports content, supplemental documents accompanying educational content, or study materials for community content. With the new attachment feature this can easily be arranged – at no additional cost.

Mailing lists

Use the new mailing recipients lists to send targeted emails to specific audiences. The email can include uniquely generated discount or unlock codes. For example, you could use it to give a certain group of people access to one or more of your products. Perfect for distributing pre-paid content for a class or seminar.

Linked products discounts

Use linked product discounts to present a special offer for a related product, when the customer places a certain item into the shopping cart.

New payment systems

Flickrocket has added FreedomPay (United States) and SecuPay (European Union) as new payment service providers.

In addition to the above, there are various smaller enhancements and fixes based on shop owners’ and partners’ requests.