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2018-10-23 Flickrocket extends subscription functionality

We are happy to let you know about the following major enhancements to Flickrocket’s subscription functionality:

  • Subscriptions: Annual payments

    It is now possible to offer subscriptions with annual payments. This option can be combined with an annual or multi-year regular runtime.

  • Subscriptions: Scheduled content (content dripping)

    Content can now be scheduled to become available to subscribers at a certain time after signup. For example, this new feature can be used to offer courses where each month new content is automatically made available.

  • Subscriptions/Access groups: New reports

    The admin interface now features new subscription/subscriber/access groups reports based on often requested filters.

We hope these additions make the Flickrocket subscription system even more attractive. For any additional feature requests, we would love to hear from you.

As always, you can contact your partner or email us at support@flickrocket.com.