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In this blog article I want to explain about the recent enhancements we have done to the tax system and what it means to different geographical regions.

But before I start it is important to understand that tax is only of interest to you if you use your own payment processing. If you use FlickRocket for payment processing, FlickRocket is the seller and FlickRocket also handles all tax obligations.

When talking about taxes, it is always important in which region you are located so the correct tax laws can be applied. FlickRocket will always present you only with the relevant settings for your region, and so you will not be able to see all options I describe below. Feel free to jump right to your region below to read on.

Integration and Branding of the FlickRocket Admin Interface

We get frequently asked how the FlickRocket admin interface can be integrated into 3rd party web sites (and possibly branded with the partner’s logo).

The good news is that such an integration and branding is actually a standard feature of FlickRocket and available to all partners and publishers alike.

To embed the admin interface under a custom domain, you need to create a new sub domain for your domain (e.g. admin.my-domain.com) and point it via DNS C-NAME entry to admin.flickrocket.com.

Batch Encoding of DVDs

More often than not, new video content owners starting with FlickRocket have a number of DVDs to encode. In this case it is good to know of the BatchEncode Tool which comes with the FlickRocket Content Tools which is typically overlooked because it does not have a link in the start menu.

The BatchEncode tool is located in the same directory as the FluxDVD Encoder. To get to it right click on the FluxDVD Encoder in the Start menu, select "Properties".

Now click on “Open File Location”to show the directory in which the “fluxBatchTool” resides.

Manually assigning content and licenses to customer accounts

Sometimes it is important that you can manually add content (and a license for it) to a customer’s account - without order, payment, entering a code, etc. In this blog post I want to show how this can be done.

To manually assign content and licenses you need to use the Support -> Sales Support -> Assign projects/licenses.

You can either search and select an existing customer, or create a new one. Once you have done this, you can click “Add Order” to add content and their respective licenses.

The best way to integrate the shop

We’ve been receiving many questions as how to integrate the shop with a given web site. There are basically three options and to help select the right one, I want to explain them in this blog post in detail.

The three options are “sub domain”, “direct link” and “iframe”. The table below shows what a customer sees in the browsers address bar when navigating to the integrated shop (in this case a shop for the domain “www.myshop.com”).

FlickRocket offers many different payment processing options and it is essential to understand them early on to make the right decisions. Let me explain the general differences in this blog post – without going into details about the different payment service providers.

Payment processing is obviously one of the most important points for every shop system and we at Flickrocket have been working hard to give you all the options you need and make the process as simple as possible.

Compared to traditional simple shopping cart software which you install on your own server, FlickRocket (being a cloud based solution) offers a number of advantages and options which you don’t have or which are very hard to do on your own server:

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