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Understanding Physical Shipment Options

Flickrocket supports a wide variety of different product types which includes also physical products which are shipped to customers. There are a number of different ways to set these up, which are described in the following.

It is important to understand which of the options to use in which case. Using the wrong option will likely cause confusion of your customers and result in wrong orders causing unnessecary support.

Product options


Regular Physical Products

To set up a physical product, create a new product and select “Physical” as product type. You will be able to specify a product weight which will be used to calculate the appropriate shipping cost.

Digital products with physical license

It is possible to define a “Physical License” and assign this license to digital products. The license can be defined in the admin interface under “Shop / Licenses / Licenses for Sales Items”.

In the shop, the physical license is presented together with the digital licenses which have been assigned to the product. Customers can select BETWEEN physical or digital items but cannot order both.

For the shipping price calculation, the weight for each physical license product is assumed to be 160g/0.36 pounds.

Product collection with digital and physical items

It is possible to create a product collection which consists of both digital and physical products. A customer purchasing such a product collection will get immediate access to the digital products in the collection and for the physical products a shipping process is initiated.

If a digital and a physical product in the collection are for the same content, the customer gets immediate access to the content digitally and the (same) physical product follows by shipment.

What to do for optional combinations?

In some rare cases, shop owners want to give customer the option to individually order a physical product in addition to a digital product (or vice versa). In this case, shop owners need to set up the products individually and the customer can put them individually into his shopping cart. It is possible for the shop owner to link the products via the regular product linking feature in the admin interface so that when a customer is looking at one product the other corresponding product is also offered on the product details page.

Shipping Prices

FlickRocket uses shipping price models to calculate the shipping cost for orders based on weight and destination. Shipping price models can be defined in the admin interface under Shop / Prices / Price models for Shipping.

Shipping Partners

It is possible to outsource the shipping to third party services handling the stock and shipping process on behalf of the shop owner. Companies offering this service must be registered with Flickrocket and have individual agreements with shop owners using their service. Based on the logic defined in the Price models for Shipping, Flickrocket will automatically forward physical order processing requests to the associated Shipping Partners.