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Offering Multi-user Licenses

To add a Multi-user Licenses, open the Product page, add the desired license and price, and set the maximum users in the Users field for that license.

To purchase, the customer selects the desired Multi-user license option and checks out.



Upon successful payment, the system generates an unlock code. The Unlock Code can be distributed to each student or user by any means such as writing on the chalkboard, including in a class PowerPoint, an email or group message. 

The Unlock Code is provided in the order confirmation email, but the customer can also find an email template with code and instructions that can be copied and forwarded by selecting the product on their My Content page and clicking the Invite Users button.


The code can be redeemed online at the My Content page or in most players. During code redemption, each student or user creates their own player account (or uses their existing player account) and can use the content as defined by the license. For example, if the license allows use on 3 devices, each user can sign-in to the player on up to 3 devices.