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Webshop in Facebook

FlickRocket enables you to set up your webshop not only on your web site but also on your Facebook page. Your Facebook webshop can have the same or different content than your website shop.

To add your shop to Facebook, you need an active Facebook account and you need to have created a page for your webshop.

facebook create page

Once you have this, you need to go to www.facebook.com/flickrocket and click the “Sign-up” button.

facebook shop sign up

Important! If you use the same email for Facebook and for FlickRocket, we will automatically detect this and ask for your FlickRocket password (which might be different than your Facebook password) to link both accounts together.

Important! If you use a different email for Facebook than you use for FlickRocket, you need to create a user for this email in FlickRocket before you click “Sign-up”. You can do this after logging in to FlickRocket in the “Company” section.

After you signed up successfully, you see the following page, which guides you though the required steps for setup.

facebook shop password


 facebook shop launch


facebook shop welcome


facebook shop admin

To define which content the Facebook Shop will offer, you need to click on “Click here to make settings”.

facebook shop link to page

Click on “Add App to Page” and you are done.

Important! Make sure that the content you want to offer is either assigned to “All Themes” or to the theme you select to use in Facebook (typically the “Facebook” Theme).

If you haven’t prepared and uploaded content, you need to do this now.