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Digital Copy / E-Copy

FlickRocket supports code based downloads (or copies/conversions from DVD/BD) for Videos, Audio, Content Packages and Software.

In case a physical media is involved, such a Digital Copy for a DVD or BD, please visit www.protect-software.com for disc preparation instructions. For E-Copies, web setup and code generation read on. 

Getting Started

Setting up a Digital Copy/E-Copy project is identical to setting up a normal shop project, except that you do not need to select licenses (and associated prices). This is not described here, so please see the previous chapters for details on this.

Once the project is set up and the content is uploaded, the next step is creating the web integration. In regards to Themes the process is identical to shop themes but it must be noted that a Digital Copy/E-Copy Theme does not have most of the shop elements but instead some other, Digital Copy related elements.

As with shops, the integration is best done via sub domains but can also be performed via direct link or Iframe. For sub domains the integration is done by entering the sub domain to be used in under ‘Shop -> Themes -> Manage integration’ in the ‘E-Copy domain’ value. In case of ‘Direct Link’ or ‘Iframe’ integration, the HTML code can be generated by using the ‘Shop -> Integrate features in web site’ function.

Now everything is prepared and all you need is preparing the code.

Creating Codes

Codes are created by using the ‘Shop -> UnlockCodes/DVD-Codes/E-Copy Codes -> Create/Manage Codes’ function.

create codes

You need to add the projects you want to make available with the codes to be created, the expiration date, the licenses which will be granted for the projects, and how often licenses will be issued under that code.

Additionally, the codes can be linked to a theme which is automatically invoked in case the code is validated via QR code.

Finally you have to enter the number of codes to be generated and an optional comment.

Clicking the “Generate” button will generate a CSV file with the codes while clicking the “Generate (incl. QR Codes)” generates a ZIP file which includes the QR codes as PNG images and a corresponding CSV file which links the QR images and codes.