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Account Validation

Your current settings indicate that you want to sell your content though Flickrocket instead of operating your shop yourself (change here). Sales through Flickrocket requires a separate validation of your products, which you can request below.

Before you start the request, we would like to make sure you understand the process and restrictions of this option, as outlined below:

Product/content requirements

  • Only digital content. No physical items or services (digital or other).
  • No adult, violent or hate content, subject to being reviewed by Flickrocket.
Process clarifications

  • The shop is operated by Flickrocket. Customers buy directly from Flickrocket and Flickrocket fulfills the orders.
  • You license your content to Flickrocket. Flickrocket pays for licenses on a monthly basis.
  • Flickrocket deducts the Flickrocket costs (details here) from the royalty payments to you.
  • The license you grant to Flickrocket is non-exclusive and does not limit you from selling your content elsewhere.
Before you request validation, please make sure that your content is available for review. If you have any questions, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.