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Account Levels

The following table shows the details for the different membership types. You can start with the free BASIC account and upgrade at any time:


Number of movies on the CDN** 5 100 Unlimited
Encode an unlimited number of DVDs v v v
Optionally use DRM to protect your content v v v
Create gift certificates/discount codes v v v
Unlimited sales of your movies v v v
Real time sales reporting v v v
Set your own pricing v v v
Monthly payments v v v
Enhanced shop functionality with tags and DVD covers v v v
Choose from different shop and email templates v v v
Completely customize the web shop and email templates   v v
Create and manage movie categories   v v
Create your own license models   v v
Link a movie to other movies   v v
Use our premium distributed CDN servers**     v
Set up your own closed distribution groups (e.g. for screeners)     v
Manage "Themes" to create virtual "Special Interest" web shops     v
Premium support and service level agreement     v
Discounted transaction pricing     v
Subscription offerings and closed customer groups     v