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Languages Directory

In this folder you are able to store any number of .resx files which can be used for easy translation in any language. Usually you would start with an english .resx file (thus it will have an .en.resx extension). All translations will have the same name as the original file, but the used language noted in the extension (e.g.  .de.resx). The file name doesn't matter, all files in that directory will be loaded.

There are plenty of tools available to create and edit .resx files. These files contain tuples of strings, one identifier and one text. The identifier should only use standard letters and no spaces, the text itself can contain any characters and even HTML code (but which would be not so nice to edit). Please make sure that all identifiers of the translation files are unique, so that no identifier will be overwritten.

In the templates you can use the identifier in combination with 'translation' as a placeholder to replace it with the given text e.g.  {{ translation.cart }} will replace with 'cart' (English) or 'Einkaufswagen' (German), etc. (as long as these languages are defined in the appropriate .resx files).


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