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Testing the webshop

The best way to test your shop is to make an actual purchase. If you use FlickRocket for payment processing, you can do this by following the following procedure.

  1. Place an item in the shopping cart
  2. On the 'Login' page of the payment process enter the email address and password of your admin account
  3. On the 'Payment Method' page of the payment process select 'Visa' as payment option
  4. On the 'Customer Data' page enter your personal data and the following credit card information:


    Credit Card Number: 4111 1111 1111 1111

    CVS Code: 778

    Expiration date: In the future

    Card Holder: Does not matter

Once the purchase completes you can access the content.

Note: You can reset all your 'fake' purchases from your user settings under 'Company Management'.

Important: To use this method, you need to use the FlickRocket payment processing. To limit fraud, the purchases are limited to 20 per day.