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Mailchimp App Guide

MailChimp for Flickrocket adds your customers to your MailChimp list(s). Use Mailchimp to send targeted email campaigns to your customers, follow up on purchases, and much more.

In this article, you’ll learn how to connect or disconnect MailChimp for Flickrocket.

How it Works

MailChimp for Flickrocket finds your store visitors and sends their email addresses to your MailChimp list. Customers will be added to the Subscribed section of your MailChimp list. In Mailchimp this looks as follows.

Lists in Mailchimp

Connect MailChimp for FlickRocket

To connect the integration and sync customers to MailChimp, follow these steps.

1. Log in to your Flickrocket store.

Flickrocket Extension Menu

2. Click Extensions / App Store. 

Mailchimp extension

3. Search or browse to locate the MailChimp extension, and go through the purchase process.

4. Go back to the Flickrocket admin interface and select Extensions / Manage Apps from the Menu

Manage Apps

5. Click on Mailchimp

Mailchimp Plugin not connected

7. Click "Connect (use existign account)" and sign in with your MailChimp credentials.

connect to mailchimp

8. You can now assign your Mailchimp lists to certain account types in Flickrocket. If you haven't yet created lists in Mailchimp, you need to do this before this step.

Mailchimp Plugin connected

9. You can click "Initial Sync" to transfer your existing accounts. New accounts are synced automatically.

Next Steps

After you connect to Flickrocket, you can do a lot with the the data you collect, like build segments, send automations, track campaign purchases, and view results.

Disconnect MailChimp for FlickRocket

To disconnect MailChimp for Flickrocket, follow these steps.

1. In theFlickrocket admin interface, click Extensions / Manage Apps.

Manage Apps

2. Click "Uninstall" in the "MailChimp" row.