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This structure contains information about images. It can e.g. be used together with the product_img_url in order to create a URL of that image. This object contains the following elements:

Variable name Object Description Note
alt string This string denotes the alternative description of the image (in case that the image is not rendered for any reason). This will usually be the name of the product.  
id int An internally used image id.  
position int If there are several images in a list, the position denotes the sort order of the images (the numbers are not necessarily increasing by 1).  
product_id int If the image belongs to a specific product, this id tells you which product it is. In any other case, this id will be 0.  
src string This is the relative URL of the image. Please remark that the URL alone might not be valid unless used in conjunction with a product_img_url or img_url filter.  


{{ product.image | product_img_url: ‘compact’ }}